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Motion Blur and You

I recently got an HDTV as a gift to myself for being so awesome this semester.  It’s a 42″ Vizio, 60hz, 5ms response time monster of a TV.  The picture quality is awesome, the color is vibrant, and it has speakers that inexplicably surround the screen (but who am I to complain).  For a lame-ass picture of it, see below:

Image coutesy of Overstock.com

I got the thing as a refurbished model for 599.99 (and I got the 2 year service plan for an extra 80 or something).  That means I got a killer deal, because this TV is normally hundreds of dollars more.  However, these LCD TV’s come with an unintended side effect: motion blur.

Motion blur is NOT to be confused with “ghosting,” which is a side effect of buying a crappy HDTV.  The fist HDTV I got over the summer was from Best Buy.  It was a 37″ Dynex, 1080p model for 499.  I thought I was getting a good deal, except that when I plugged in my Xbox 360 and started to move the camera, things would leave trails all over the screen.  Pissed off, I returned the TV within an hour, content that my revenge was already complete, in that Best Buy now had to sell the piece of crap as an opened return for hundreds of dollars less.

So I did some research (LOTS of research actually) and then came upon this killer deal on Overstock.com with this awesome Vizio.  1080p? Check.  Low response time?  Check.  Everything seemed in order.  But then I got it, plugged in my Xbox with my new HDMI cable, and I began to notice something: textures blur a little when the camera moves.  I was apalled.  I was pissed.  I was foaming at the mouth.  So I went to work, where I was on a dispatch shift and I decided to play some games.  We have a 40″ Samsung (which is also 1080p) in the office, and I had always admired the picture quality and resolution on it, which is what inspired me to get an HDTV in the first place.  Lo and behold, the motion blur was present on that TV as well.

Here is the thing: LCD TV’s refresh at a lower rate than your boxy old “tube” TV.  A MUCH lower rate.  This causes textures to become slightly distorted during movement.  The faster the movement, the greater the distortion.  At first, I regretted my purchase of my totally badass new TV.  But then I realized something as I was driving on the highway: in real life, when things move quickly, you CAN’T pick out the textures on them unless you are focusing on them directly, a phenomenon well represented on my HDTV.  If you are playing, say Call of Duty, and you turn while moving forward and keeping something in the center of your vision, everything else becomes blurred while the thing you are focusing on is clear as day.  Isn’t this almost MORE real than simply having all textures rendered at full quality all the time?

While the motion blur is certainly noticeable if you are looking for it (which I kind of am, because I’m scrutinizing the living hell out of this TV), I would hardly say it’s a dealbreaker for me on this TV.  The resolution is almost 3x higher than on a normal TV, and the movement during cutscenes leaves my jaw earthbound.  If I were you, I’d strike now and get a refurbed HDTV for hundreds of dollars less.  I just got a 40″ 1080p (the highest resolution currently available) with a service plan for less than $700.  My family room has a 40″ tube TV that we got about ten years ago for well over double that price.  My family now watches movies in MY room while I’m out at work.

Plasma screens don’t have motion blur, but they cost more, the image burns into the screen, they use more power, and they only last about a third as long.  In my opinion, the motion blur phenomenon is hardly reason enough to avoid an LCD TV.  I say go for it if you’re willing to take the plunge.  Motion blur aside, once you go HD, you can never watch standard definition again.  God, I can’t watch our living room TV anymore.  I can’t even see the pores in John Stewart’s face on that TV.


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All good things must come to an end…

Oh dear, this appears to be my final post for the class.  Like I’ve said before, it’s been a good ride, and I’d like to take this opportunity to thank our teacher, John Stayton, for his exemplary work in teaching this class.  Even I, a traveled and worldly man of the Internet, learned an obscene amount of information about AdWords, the value of social networks, and all of the underhanded (and therefore AWESOME) ways that marketers have utilized the Internet to get the word out.

But since this is my last post, I want to sum things up by talking about some of my favorite (appropriate) things online.  There are all kinds of fun things to do on the web that negate the need for actual interaction with other people, and I have mastered a good portion of them.

"Hey, there's porn!"

(Image courtesy of gognis.net)

But I’m just kidding.  Of course, I’ve talked about Acidplanet, 2leep, HolyTaco, and a slew of other sites, but that’s just the tip of the digital iceberg.  I’m going to talk about some of my favorite things online, and you’re going to listen, damnit!

First off, podcasts are a double-edged sword.  Most podcasts are the nonsensical ramblings are stark-raving lunatics.  But there are some good ones out there that showcase a lot of good music.  Most of the great podcasts are dub-step and world-beat, and they offer a good mix of music for anyone’s musical taste.  I would recommend the Low-End Theory Podcasts, The Secret Archives of the Vatican Podcasts, and the BassNectar Podcast series.  They all have a harmonious blend of hard-hitting techno, electronica, IDM, DnB, and others (genres which I’m not particularly in love with, but the music is great all the same).

I are listening to musics!

(Image courtesy of soaringrabbit.com)

If you already have all the music you could ever want (meaning that your 80gb ipod is full- you don’t even know half of the music you have) then video could be your thing.  Sure, YouTube is a great place.  You can find a lot of what you want on there, but what if you want to watch Rocko’s Modern Life, or Salute Your Shorts, or any of the other shows you grew up with that take you back to an innocent time before you knew what 2girls1cup was?  Well, I’ve got the answers for you: Project Free TV and SurfTheChannel.  These two websites don’t host any content of their own, which is how they get around the various copyright laws they would otherwise be violating.  They allow users to post links to the actual content on their sites.  So any show you’ve ever seen, any movie you’ve ever watched, it’s online somewhere, and you just need to know where to look.  Fortunately, these sites make it absurdly easy to find.  Let’s just say I didn’t pay to see Avatar.  And I saw it before it was in theaters.

James Cameron didn't get any of my money

(Image courtesy of photoshopstar.com)

But let’s say you already have every song, and you have a photographic memory that allows you to remember every movie you’ve ever seen in vivid detail.  Well, I love reading articles.  Funny ones.  Ones that are cynical, use foul language, and employ the use of tastefully photoshopped images.  And on top of all that, it needs to be informative on some level.  I want to laugh AND come away with more knowledge than I had prior to reading the article.  BOOM!  Cracked.com is you answer!  To whet your appetite, read this article, about supposedly ancient traditions that are anything but ancient.  Things like this make me happy.  I love articles that are informative and cynical at the same time.  In case you were wondering where I got the format for my blog posts… I stole it from Cracked.

If Cracked.com was enjoyable to you, then perhaps you’d like to mosey on over to what was once one of the most popular blogs on the Internet, Maddox’s “The Best Page In The Universe,” a cynical website which contains nothing but Maddox’s opinions.  There are numerous petitions on the Internet demanding he take his site down, due to his stances on various issues.  He has started an anti-abortion political movement called “the regressive party,” which is “against abortion, but for killing babies.”  Using that information as a guide, don’t be surprised if his site offends the hell out of you while making you laugh until you die of a coronary.  He also promotes his “sponsor a vegetarian” ideology, which entails eating three times the meat that you would normally eat when in the presence of a vegetarian, so that their lifestyle actually contributes to MORE animals dying.  He says to continue doing this until they wise up and become a man.  LOL.

Image courtesy of Maddox.Xmission.com)

I could keep going about my favorite things online, but I feel like I’ve covered a good deal of information.  Unfortunately, I am still mourning the death of Tard-Blog, which was one of my favorite comedy blogs, written by a special ed teacher.  The death of Tucker Max’s Rudius Media Company saw the death of numerous great blogs, like Drunkasaurus Rex, Philly Lawyer, Tard-Blog, and others.

There is great content out there, and it’s up to you to find it, people.

And to play us out… This


(Image courtesy of Epicwinftw.com)

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