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Persistence is key

I was doing my daily article round-up today, and I came across an interesting article about how people want to attack the Troll problem online.  For those of you who don’t know, a troll is someone who says defamatory and ridiculous things for the sole purpose of having all the attention on them, and to make everyone else super angry and write in ALL CAPS.

It’s easy to be a troll.  Pick a politically charged topic and come up with an absurd stance on it, and post it online.  People get really pissed, and they pay a lot of attention to you.  I’ve done it.  It’s EASY.

But it also costs companies money.  People bashing their products or scaring people out of their message boards (which happens FREQUENTLY) result in a series of missed opportunities for these companies, and they want the trolls gone.  Much like the wild west, the trolls (like cowboys) want everything to stay the same, but the people who have money are bringing the law and commerce crashing down on the heads of trolls everywhere.


Persistent Logins.

It’s not ridiculous, and it WILL happen.  It’s easy to go online and flame someone because you’re anonymous.  That’s part of the appeal of the internet.  That’s really going to change.  In Korea, every internet user has to enter a unique code to use the internet.  Again, it WILL happen here.  The cops will know exactly who is downloading what, and you will have the cops at your door minutes after downloading that Spice Girls album from a P2P network.  Hackers won’t be able to hide behind server proxies, and the people that upload illegal media will be found instantly.  It’s logically safe that you would sign into every single (EVERY SINGLE) website using one persistent ID provided by your ISP.  The internet is going in that direction.  The military is currently working on setting up online networks to do this, and once they have their super-network online, the rest of us will follow.  There is going to be a storm of new laws regulating online behavior and people will finally be responsible for the things they do online.

We’ll have to build a prison just for 4chan members.


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