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I won the battle

Apparently, WordPress has taken issue with my caustic wit and dry humor.  I received a nicely worded- and by that I mean automated- message in my Gmail inbox stating that WordPress has “concerns” with the content I’ve been posting on my blog.  I’m not sure what specific thing they’re referring to.  Sure, I’ve made references to interspecies pornography and other horrifying things on the internet, but that’s because that stuff is all PART OF THE INTERNET.  No marketing major should discount the fact that there is material on the internet that will make you run in sphincter-loosening terror.  I say this because, who knows, you may wind up marketing some of that stuff someday.  Don’t forget rule #34 of the internet, “if it exists, there is porn of it.  NO EXCEPTIONS.”


(Image courtesy of knowyourmeme.com)

I’m not really sure what to talk about in this blog post, seeing as how I just got posting privileges back on my blog (that goes for comments too).  I’m glad that my constant pestering got my posting rights back.  I don’t understand why they blocked me in the first place.  I never posted anything illegal, just alluded to the fact that the illegal stuff exists.  Sure, I had a whole post on the foul and illegal things on Bit Torrent, but I didn’t post links to popular illegal files.  Yeah, I referenced some less-than-reputable stuff on this blog.  The very fact that I’ve SEEN some of this stuff is enough to ensure I’ll never have a girlfriend for the rest of my life, but that’s the price you pay when you learn that people pay money every month to join a website where the only content is women in boots pressing on a car’s brake and gas peddles.  Don’t believe me?


And content of this quality runs you $20 a month

(Image courtesy of theworldisinsane.com)

As I’ve stated over and over again, the internet is an enormous place.  I don’t think the human race realized how strange and twisted as it actually was until the internet came along and let anyone with an interest in ANYTHING have instant access to whole databases of questionable material.

Which is why I’ve been wondering why WordPress was after me.  I’ve visited WordPress blogs that can only be described as homemade porn dumps, and they’re still operating and posting material, which begs the question, “Does WordPress think it’s worse to talk about it or just blatantly post it?”

I’m going to say this once:  I’m not going to post any of the stuff from the internet that haunts my dreams on this blog.  Sorry to disappoint.  There are things that people are willing to do for money that would leave your jaw permanently earthbound.  Trust me, the internet is wonderful in so many ways, but it has a dark side that’s worse than Darth Vader on prison-quality meth wielding a lightsaber blindfolded in a pediatric burn unit.  Some of it is simply THAT bad.

This picture is freaking ADORABLE compared to some other things I've seen

(Image courtesy of Craphound.com)

But the big thing about a lot of that horrible material is that some of it is simply so awful and twisted, the best (and often, first) response is to simply break out in fits of uncontrollable laughter.  Some of this stuff is so terrible, so unbelievably ridiculous and absurd, that it’s HILARIOUS.  At least to me.  And keep in mind my statement above: don’t discount its existence.  With the job market the way it is, us marketing majors might wind up doing Adwords campaigns for… well… I won’t be specific this time.  I’ll be good, WordPress.

But I think that’s enough for my catch-up post.  I have to work on our AdWords campaign.  To play us out, here’s a picture of an adorable munchkin shorthair tabby (my favorite domesticated cat breed), another thing I like on the Internet that seals my eternal status as a single white male.

Wook at his wittle wegs!

(image courtesy of cdn-write.demandstudios.com)

(By the way, that image is not photoshopped.  Munchkinism is a common genetic defect in house cats that causes their legs to grow 1/3 the normal size.  It happens in all breeds of domestic cats, and the cats are perfectly healthy.  I love lowrider animals, so if I had one of these and a Welsh Corgi, I’d be pretty happy)


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  1. It is always a success when the power that be gives you back the civil liberty to freedom of speech. Any how I wanted to commit of this awesome animal images I had to to take a step back when I saw the spider/rat looking thing totally creepy.

    Comment by nancy098 | March 21, 2010 | Reply

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